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Own a Pony Day

Quick Details

Child 6 years and above • Children need to be dropped off and picked up by an adult.

Own a Pony For a Day!

Own a Pony Days, easily the most popular of our activities, are days full of games, riding, stable management, and fun. This great value activity is often themed to suit the season.

Each participant will be “given” a pony for the day; if you already have a favourite pony, remember to mention this when booking in – we’ll try to accommodate requests where possible!

During the day, each “owner” will do everything that’s needed for their pony. This will include:
– a grooming session : to ensure the ponies comfort
– a riding session : to exercise the pony
– an opportunity to feed the pony : to ensure their health
– a ground-based session : to work on your bond with your pony
– a stable management session : to keep the yard and stables neat, tidy and comfy
– turning the pony out in the field for lunch and at the end of the day

There will also be pony themed activities and games spread throughout the day.