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Meet The Team

The Team

The team at Gul is part of one big community, made up of 16 paid members of Staff and over 30 volunteers, the charity literally couldn’t function without their hard work and dedication.

Below is a short Highlights reel of the Staff at Gul, what they do and in some cases why they do it too. Over the next 12 months Gul will be updating its YouTube channel to include more short videos about its staff and their motivations for getting involved.


As much a part of the team as their two legged colleagues the ponies at Gul are right at the heart of the charity’s provision.

Gul uses its ponies for all sorts of work, from companionship and groundwork to lower back-pain therapies and riding clubs. Some of our ponies are even used to run horse back safaris with our partner business, Salisbury Plain Safaris.

Gul takes the care of its ponies very seriously, we have a member of our senior management team who oversees equine welfare and currently the charity has a herd of 16 native breeds. Most of our ponies are barefoot which we believe benefits the health of our horses. The horses are regularly visited by our equine podiatrist, Jayne Hunt, and under the supervision of Jeremy Naylor for veterinary care.