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Work Experience, Volunteering, and Social Action

Part of Gul’s mission is to improve access to the outdoors for people of all backgrounds, one of the ways we do this is by offering life experiences to young people. 

Gul has been delivering work placements for year 8 and year 10 students since its beginning and has also been lucky enough to partner with several universities to deliver longer placements to those working in the social sector. All placements are supervised as you might expect and learners end up assigned a mentor during their time with us. If your school or students are interested in placements that involve working with horses or SEND young people then reach out to us via the usual channels.

Similarly, Gul has an active program of volunteering, be it young helpers (those under 16 but over 13) or regular volunteers, it is safe to say Gul wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without those who give their time for free. While volunteering is not a paid opportunity Gul does its best to reward those who give their time, be it bespoke T-shirts, experiences, or social events there is always something going on. As you might expect there is a process involved to volunteer at Gul but if you or someone you know are keen then reach out to us HERE.

Social action is a strange catch-all term used to mean doing good work in your community, it is essentially how Gul began and so as Christians we seek to serve and give back to our communities.

Typically this is by talking to local groups about the work we do, hosting events and community workshops at our sites, or attending events when we can. Some of our favourite work is the work we do with local schools, which has delivered, play parks, involved local politicians, and empowered school-age young people to have a voice that they didn’t believe they had. 


If you work for a school and can think of a project that Gul can help with, just reach out to our office and we would be delighted to talk to you. Contact us HERE 

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