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Complaints policy

Complaints are to be expected as there will be situations where the provision has not matched the expectation of the beneficiary and/or their family and supporters.

There may occasionally be instances when harm has inadvertently been caused and the beneficiary and/or their family and supporters believe the charity should have done more to prevent it.

Gul Trustees will take every complaint seriously and expects the whole Gul team to do likewise.

Complaints may show practices or systems where improvement is needed and anyone wishing to make a complaint has the right to do so. The Trustees wish all staff to be aware of the procedures so that anyone wishing to make a complaint can be properly supported to do so and delegate this dissemination of knowledge to the C.E.O and the managers of Gul.

The Trustees understand the wide ranging objects of the C.I.O. make meeting the expectations of so many a hard task and are delighted with the low rate of complaints the C.I.O. is currently experiencing.

The Trustees are also aware that the country as a whole is experiencing the practise of complaining and litigious behaviour aimed at personal gratification and supports all efforts to fully enquire into the background of each one raised.

The Trustees will support the whole Gul team in managing any complaint as the need arises.

Complaints Procedure arising from the Policy

All complaints are significant and are treated promptly and courteously by staff and volunteers whether they are from:

● Other staff and volunteers
● People using the services
● Suppliers
● People the charity comes into contact with during the course of its activities

All complaints will be investigated and as part of the investigation a senior member of the team will be in touch with the complainant within 3 working days.

All complaints will be disappointing to Gul staff and volunteers and the team must support any member against whom the complaint is made, ensuring the complaint is viewed as a collective issue. The team must also support any member who received the complaint as the process was likely to be unpleasant for them.

Staff and volunteers will not accept responsibility for any event and should stay calm and impartial.

Staff and volunteers should listen carefully and allow the complainant to give their view.

Unpleasant language, behaviour or undue anger should be handled by prayer and strategies provided by staff training to reduce the level of confrontation.

If the strategies fail the conversation should be ended and the complainant asked to write to the Chief Executive Officer of the charity.

Anyone wishing to make a complaint has the right to do so and staff and volunteers should follow the correct procedure when recording a complaint, using the provided “Complaints Procedure Form” which is available at all sites.

Gul Complaint Form

We aim to provide an excellent service for beneficiaries and good working conditions for both staff and volunteers. If this has not been your experience, we would love the opportunity to improve, and will respond to all complaints seriously, with investigation.

Name : Date of complaint :

Are you complaining on your own behalf, or for someone else?

If for someone else, who are you complaining on behalf of, and what is your relationship to them?

Please explain your complaint in details, giving names, dates and specifics where possible.

We will keep you informed of the progress of this investigation, with preliminary findings 2 weeks after we receive the complaint, and at the end of the investigation, no later than 6 weeks after receiving the complaint. To do this, we need your permission to contact you. Please indicate how you would rather we contact you, and provide details below.

  • Email / Phone / Letter

  • Email: Phone:

  • Address:

Please return this form to one of our sites, or directly to

Complaints can also be sent via our contact form on our website

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