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How Can I Donate To Gul?

Gul needs your support and you can donate using Local Giving which unlike larger organisations such as Just Giving ensure that charities recieve a larger share of any donations. Please where possible tick to give Gift Aid too. 

Why Gul?

Gul provides a service unlike any other in its community, the chance to interact in a quiet beautiful place with trained professionals and peaceful ponies. Many centres across the UK are now waking up to the fact the spending time with animals has a beneficial effect on mental health specifically but well being in general but Gul takes this approach further by offering guided sessions, with trained staff with set pathways for improvement be it in attaining qualifications or learning adaptions social skills to overcome barriers in their life. Each year Gul, from its sites across the UK has helped over 350 individuals from all over Wiltshire and beyond.

Gul's Impact

Gul helps people each week, engaging n all its local communities from working with over 85 schools, offering our therapies and activities to struggling individuals, to supporting local youth organisations, working in and out of schools and with our Armed forces communities. 


Each year Gul supports over 400 people directly providing over 13,000 hours of activities across the south of England and Wales.

In its most recent survey, 100% of users agreed that Gul made a positive impact on their mental health, 80% said Gul increased the amount of time they spent outdoors, 90% said Gul made them feel happier, 80% said they felt more optimistic about the future and 100% said they had made friends while attending. and that is what it is all about.

Helping people feel better and go on to live fuller lives.

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