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Equine Assisted Services

Equine Assisted Services (EAT) is the catch-all term used to describe services that involve horses and are the backbone of our provision at Gul’s Riverside, Littlemoor, and Orkney centres. It can be as simple as grooming a pony and as complex as coaching to gain a nationally recognised award. Gul users attending the service will be involved with all aspects of horse care wherever possible. This will include retrieving the horses from their paddocks, grooming them, and preparing them for riding. In short sessions or where this is not appropriate, Gul employs several grooms who will do this work for Gul beneficiaries. Gul currently has sixteen ponies who have been selected for their gentle temperament and ability to cope with a variety of behaviours.

Therapeutic Riding 

Riding is a pleasurable activity that Gul’s users enjoy immensely. The contact with the large animal and the trust relationship that is built with the pony are incredibly important in breaking down barriers so Gul’s therapists can work more effectively. Gul offers the following for therapeutic riding and has more on offer depending on the needs of its users. Riding to lower anxiety

Ground work

While riding a horse is the activity most people associate with EAT, there is also plenty of scope for therapeutic benefit from simply being around horses. Gul provides specific ground-based activities that are particularly suited to individuals who suffer anxiety or weight-related issues, or for those progressing towards riding but perhaps lacking in confidence. Some examples of Gul’s provision in this area are as follows;

Stable management and grooming


Pasture management

Low level agility work

Static mounted work using vaulting equipment.


If you have further questions about Gul ‘s provision then you can contact us HERE or arrange to visit our sites in Wiltshire, Wales or Orkney.

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