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Wiltshire: Riverside


Riverside is a  calm and safe space nestled in the Wiltshire countryside. It is a 19-acre site, made up of woodland, stables, paddocks and our outdoor arena. It was purchased by the charity in 2009 and functions as the primary site for equine-assisted therapy, outdoor therapies, and other activities. The site is situated in an area known as The Cleeve, between the villages of Shrewton and Orcheston.


Riverside is currently home to Gul’s 17 ponies, you can find out more about them here, as well as a huge variety of native wildlife such as rabbits, squirrels, foxes, badgers, buzzards, owls. There are interesting native plants such as pyramid orchids, wild garlic and fire mushrooms as well!

The Riverside Team

The Riverside team is led by UKCC Level 2 Riding Coach Mrs Sammy Willis. The team includes Therapists, Coaches, Teachers, Forest School Tutors and equine staff.

CEO/ Director of Therapy

Dr Celia Grummitt

Site Manager

Sammy Willis

Who is it for?

Each week over 100 people make use of therapeutic activities taking place at Riverside hailing from all different backgrounds but sharing one thing in common, a love for the charity’s incredibly special site. Each year Riverside hosts several public outdoor events such as its Open Day and Summer Show as well as an extensive list of activities many of which use horses.

Contact Gul Riverside

 01980 621712

 God Unlimited Outdoor Therapy, Elston Lane, Shewton, Wiltshire, SP3 4HL

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