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Outdoor Services

Alongside its equine activities, Gul also offers other services that take place outdoors. These happen on the surrounding land owned by the charity which includes woodland, open meadows, and also on the open plains that surround Gul’s sites nationally. While the charity believes in the ability of horses to improve the well-being of people, it also recognises that there is enormous potential in using the outdoors to achieve improvements in well-being. 

From the calm of the garden to the noise and activity of its low ropes course, Gul can provide for all ages and abilities, all under the care of trained professionals in a safe environment.

Gul offers many activities but one of the most important is simply time and space to explore. Working with a Gul member of staff, beneficiaries walk the grounds, take in their surroundings, hunt bugs, navigate and create maps, or visit the wildlife hide or ponds. This time creates space to process the complex emotional rollercoaster that users are often on, and time for our therapists to help them in this process.

There are many types of outdoor services offered but one that is particularly encouraged is Gardening. Gul created its garden in 2018 to teach others about the joy of growing something with their own hard work (and also eating it!).

Each year Gul beneficiaries help us dig beds, plant seeds, tend vegetables, and deadhead flowers. In return, they are rewarded with vegetables and flowers to take home. The sense of accomplishment is incredible and the taste of homegrown veg is pretty good too.


If you wish to talk about our outdoor provision with a professional or arrange a visit to our site you can do so by contacting us HERE

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