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  • I'm Anna

I'm Anna

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Hey my name is Cyward Analiese AKA Anna

I’m a Welsh section A which is the smallest of the Welsh ponies. Sometimes people  confuse me with Frodo which I don’t get, I'm much cuter than he is.

People always asks if I’m pregnant (I think it’s because I have a big belly) but it’s just my hourglass figure.

Sometimes they say I’m a bit of a wimp but I don’t think they realise how scary the world is. Sometimes there’s even a figure that looks like me on the floor that follows me - if that isn’t scary, I don’t know what is.

Since I’ve been at Gul I’ve grown up a lot and I’m not scared of everything anymore (just most things!)  I think that’s an improvement if I do say so myself.

I love being ridden by the small teenagers and going for a bit of a blast with them, but I also enjoy doing the lead rein lessons, especially when the children start to learn to ride off the lead with me.

A little more information about me; I’m about 11.2hh (which I think means I’m little). I’m a liver chestnut pony (which I think means I have ginger hair but I’m not sure), they come out with some silly names.

Please sponsor me so they can keep teaching me that life isn’t as scary as I think.

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    In return for your sponsorship, you will recieve a certificate (by email or if you live locally a printed copy, a photograph and a letter from your friend. 

    Thank you so much for considering sponsoring.

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