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  • I'm Monty

I'm Monty

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My name is Glen Westcastle Lord Montague AKA Monty

I’m a Highland pony and the biggest of the Highlands who live here. I am known for how robust I am, apparently I’m not very dramatic.

I managed to break my leg a few years back and nobody noticed as I just carried on like normal.  It was great though, when we did discover the break, as everyone felt sorry for me so I got lots of attention and lots of food and time off work (but I think I put on some extra pounds!)

Everyone tells me that I have the biggest, squishiest head - I think this is a good thing as they all give me big cuddles.

I like grazing in the field with my friends, especially Jimmy, as we’ve lived together since I was a foal. He is like me, very laid back.

A little more information about me; I’m 15.2hh (apparently that’s too big for a Highland so maybe they got my breed wrong!)  I’m a sandy dun in colour with a cool stripe down my back and I am normally rocking a Mohican haircut (that’s what I call it anyway!)

Please sponsor me so I can continue to live the life of luxury that I have at the moment.

  • By sponsoring our ponies you are helping to provide for their care, feed, medicine and equipment. When you add it all up this comes to over £1400 per year or £26 per week so when we say your support helps, we really mean it. 

    In return for your sponsorship, you will recieve a certificate (by email or if you live locally a printed copy, a photograph and a letter from your friend. 

    Thank you so much for considering sponsoring.

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