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Our Services

Gul exists to improve the well-being of as many individuals as possible through outdoor activities. By giving people access to safe, non-judgmental, outdoor space and the support of trained staff, individuals have the opportunity they need to flourish.

Gul is an Alternative Provider of Education, referred to by over 70 schools, colleges, councils, and other statutory providers to deliver individual packages of support for young people and adults. Sessions at Gul take place in many forms as each person is different but are typically 1:1 or in small groups. This is a sometimes confusing area with lots of contributory factors, if you need advice, about what we can offer, either as an individual or as an organisation, please contact our team HERE.

The Gul referral process is simple; request a form from our office, complete and return it, and the office will contact you to arrange a visit to Gul and a chat with one of its therapists. Gul then programs activities, liaises to discuss funding, and sets goals to work towards which will be regularly reviewed.

Outdoor Provision

Defined as an intervention designed to improve either the physical, mental or emotional wellbeing of an individual. All therapy activities take place under the supervision of the senior team and are regularly reviewed to ensure set goals are met for those attending.

Equine Assisted Services

Using horses and associated tasks to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Gul has 16 incredible ponies it uses for therapy; you can meet them here. Interested in finding out more? If you are interested in finding out more please get in touch.


Run from its Riverside site by trained physiotherapists. Lower back pain therapy uses the natural movements of bareback riding to treat chronic back pain. If you wish to discuss further get in touch.

Therapeutic Services

Alternative Provision for Schools

Delivering Alternative Provision since 2014 and registered with Wiltshire Council. For details about how Gul’s Alternative Provision services could help you click here.

Practitioner Courses for Professionals

Gul has been a leading provider of Equine-assisted and Outdoor services and since 2022 has been delivering courses for those interested in developing their practical skills in these fields.

Work Experience, Apprenticeships and Social Action

Serving our communities and developing the next generation is all part of Gul’s mission.

Education Services

Volunteering Opportunities

At Gul we offer volunteering opportunities in all areas of the charity. This can be in hospitality at functions and events, in our offices assisting with fundraising and administration or at our wonderful outdoor centers helping out with the animals and activities. If you are interested in volunteering at Gul get in touch with us HERE.

Social Clubs and Groups

Gul Wiltshire runs several fitness activities, from Mindfulness courses at its Riverside and Welsh sites to Pilates and Boot Camps at The Bustard. there is something for everyone. To view and book onto a course take a look at our calendar or get in touch.

School Holiday Activities

We offer school holiday and term-time activities for children of all ages. From activity days and camp to birthday parties and stable club, we have something for every horse lover.

If you love the idea of our equine activities but would like to give them as a gift, why not buy a gift card HERE 

Other Services

The Bustard

Minutes from Stonehenge and home to a fabulous tea rooms, cosy accommodation, events spaces and the Gul HQ. The Bustard is a building with history supporting the community in the present. The website is here.

Living Well

Did you know our CEO Dr Celia Grummitt has her own service offering wellness coaching, online courses and copies of her books. find the link here

Group Services

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